About Us


Since 1981, we at Somatico Pharmacal design better formulations, with a  careful choice of actives, excipients and recipes! We aim to keep our promise and vision- Drugs of Choice with Scientific Rationale. 

Clinicians across India appreciate and trust our formulations. With immense gratitude for this recognition, we feel like a partner in their gentle art of healing, Yes, we strive daily to build and retain the hard won goodwill of the discerning Indian medical community. 

Thought behind the name! 

“Soma” means “body” in Latin. 

Hence “Somatico” is a company that cares for the body.

Somatico was founded to provide Indian patients pharmacologically sound therapeutic solutions at an affordable price. In short, Better Product at Better Price.

Our Mission and guiding principle is

“Peace to Psyche, Relief to Soma”

“When the Mind is at rest, the Body finds relief ”

The most powerful drugs are 2 words of kindness from doctor’s lips. Inspired by the mind – body link, we realise our products turn into medicine , when doctors prescribe them with care and counsel. We  cherish this observation of our Founder and uphold the legacy.

Core Values

Our Journey


1981- 1990- Decade of unique formulae


Pioneered the synergistic combination of Salbutamol and Theophylline for Better Ventilation in Asthma


Codeine plus Paracetamol as Narcogin Forte for chronic, debilitating cancer pain


First Potassium salt of Diclofenac as DK-50 in India


First non-settling antacid Polycain gel with Magaldrate, Simethicone and Benzocaine


First zinc plus neurotropic B vitamins- Zincosule

1991-2000- Decade of superior formulations


First Pediatric cough syrup in Indian market, free from dyes- Somavent Pedia


The first Indian calamine brand in Aloe Glycerin base, free from alcohol to prevent rebound dryness in red itchy skin- Histocalamine


The first formulation in humectant base for mouth ulcers-Stomacare


Formulating Somagesic Forte and DK-50 as dispersible tablets for faster pain relief


Bilayered tablet of Montelukast and Levocetirizine-Uniair

  2010- 2020-Decade of portfolio expansion


Respiratory range – Somaphylline, Truecort, Uniair, Somavent LS, Cozin DX, Cozin LC


Women’s healthcare solutions- Primagest, Forpcos and Zincosule


Pediatric Dermatology- Histo S and Histocalamine Soap, Somamoist Baby lotion


Nutraceuticals-Zincosule 4G, the only brand with Zinc Mono-Methionine


Somacalm- for regulating the circadian rhythm


Immune care Portfolio- Cozin Vapocap, Zinco DC , MyD3, Zincosule 50, Babizinc


Sealing n healing ulcers- Somashield


Pain Portfolio - Somagesic MR and Somagesic SP, Topzyme D

Founding Inspirations


Somatico is the brainchild of Mr. Swadesh Kumar Kapur, a passionate pharmacologist and a humble human. Born in Lahore, he was a pioneer Pharmacologist of independent India from Amritsar Medical College. After working in E Merck and Lupin Laboratories, he founded Somatico in 1981 – on the principles of pharmacological efficacy.

Our management principles are inspired by Mrs. Kapur – frugality and creativity.

Soma Squad

Prem Chand Meghwal


Our CEO, is a passionate pharmaceutical professional & an avid reader. An IIM Kolkata alumnus, he infuses his learning & passion into us.

Samita Aiyer


Our Director, is an alumnus of SP Jain, Mumbai. A multidimensional personality who keenly carries her team into the wondrous world of learning & serving patients with better products at a better price.

Dipali Rao


Our Director, is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore. She heads operations & legal with passion & pizzazz.

Kailash Pande

VP Marketing

Our VP Marketing, is a creative communicator whose keen analytical mind is foiled within prose and poetry. An ironfist in a velvet glove.